Fabricamos Carpas, Arquitectura Textil, Lonas y Toldos desde 1941

Fabricamos Carpas, Arquitectura Textil, Lonas y Toldos desde 1941

Awnings Madrid

The idea for awnings came about from the need to be protected from the sun or the rain, helping to alleviate the impact of weather conditions. Different models began to emerge in line with people’s needs, leading to a wide variety available nowadays.

Experience in awnings in Madrid

Moñita, a company specialising in the design and manufacturing of awnings in Madrid. Our experience spans more than 7 decades. Over the course of this time we have offered clients the solution to protect their outdoor spaces from the sun or rain. The models we deal with include:

Folding arm awnings: their arms are hidden underneath the tarpaulin, making them a top choice for their unobstructive design.

  • Drop arm awnings: commonly used on windows and small balconies; their installation is straightforward and the opening and closing system is very simple and easy to manage.
  • Patio awnings: suitable for protecting the outdoor space of terraces and attics. They have tarpaulins that extend in parallel with the glass. This type of awning offers very elegant and attractive enclosures.
  • Vertical awnings: also known as a type of curtain, are another kind of awning that we offer in Madrid, which can be like blinds or windbreakers. The first kind have arms measuring up to 50 metres and can be attached to rails or similar. The second variety are perfect for protecting terraces and gardens.

We offer other protection systems including:

  • Hoods: commonly used to personalise the outside area of a business. We make them with special, long-lasting tarpaulins in the style that best suits the client needs.
  • Pergolas: used for educational establishments, gardens, parks, public buildings and squares, parking lots, sports venues, etc.

Find out more about us and the types of awnings we sell in Madrid.

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