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    Manufacturing of awnings

    Manufacturing of awnings

    Design and manufacturing of awnings

    At MOÑITA, we have a wide range of awnings that suit any type of space, facade or window for businesses or residential property in Madrid. We offer protection from the sun with a wide selection of products, from awnings with classic operating systems to the latest style of cassette awnings.

    Our company also offers the possibility to motorise and automate the awnings for extra convenience. We have a wide range of products and finishes so that your choice of awning adapts to your needs as best as possible.

    Types of awnings

    We manufacture, design and install the following types of awnings: 

    • Folding arm awnings: their arms are hidden and allow for normal movement; they do not obstruct. They can be extended manually or mechanically.
    • Hoods: available in a rigid or fold-away structure.
    • Drop arm awnings: ideal for windows and small balconies.
    • Pergolas: for educational establishments, gardens, parks, public buildings and squares.
    • Patio awnings: these are the perfect option for covering the outdoors space of attics and terraces.
    • Vertical awnings: blinds or windbreakers.

    We also work with a range of fabrics, including acrylics, Soltis and PVC, as well as others that are highly durable and resistant to the passing of time.

    Awnings not only adorn spaces, but also save energy. They are used in the summer to create shade and stowed away in the colder months to take advantage of the heat of the sun.

    We work with the most important firms in the sector, both in terms of the manufacturing of fittings as well as motorisation and automation.

    We easily adapt to the use of the awnings, making sure you can take advantage of all of the features.

    At MOÑITA we sell and install awnings in Madrid and Salamanca, as well as in their neighbouring provinces. We adapt to your budget and needs.

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