Fabricamos Carpas, Arquitectura Textil, Lonas y Toldos desde 1941

Fabricamos Carpas, Arquitectura Textil, Lonas y Toldos desde 1941

Facade cladding

Facade cladding is an in-demand service, both for improving the aesthetic appearance of building fronts, balconies or entire entrances, as well as advertising or protection purposes.

Our experience in facade cladding

At Moñita we have a wide variety of tarpaulins:

  • Monarflex for watertight and leak-proof cover at an affordable cost.
  • For special covers like tunnels etc.
  • Micro-perforated, ideal for covering facades and scaffolding.
  • PVC with a double-sided coating for long-lasting cover.
  • Safety for worksites.
  • Customised for construction and sign printing companies.
  • Bi-directionally waterproof to restrict areas in worksites.

We make large-scale tarpaulins for cladding tall facades and with graphics displaying what the client wishes. This type of work is carried out in restructuring projects. The sight of a designed tarpaulin is more desirable than looking at a set of scaffolding, materials, tools, workers and countless items that are displeasing to the eye. For example, this service tends to be used when the facade of a hotel is undergoing work with the aim of projecting a clean and attractive image. This makes sure that guests are enticed in spite of the refurbishment works underway.

Facade cladding is also used for large-scale publicity, as it works as an advertising campaign strategy because:

It helps boost brand image.
It communicates the image of company on a much larger space, reaching more clients and staying fresh in their memory.
It notifies the public about promotions, relocations, new products.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for tarpaulin for your facade, request one with no obligation. We make signs in all sizes and in a wide range of materials.

At Moñita we work with real experts in outdoor surfaces. Don’t think twice and improve the image of your facade, whether for aesthetic purposes or advertising.

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