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    Manufacturing custom tarpaulins

    We carry out any textile project or prototype that requires the use of tarpaulins or technical textiles.
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    Manufacturing custom tarpaulins

    In our company we carry out any textile project or prototype that requires the use of tarpaulins or technical textiles.

    At MOÑITA, for making custom tarpaulins we work any type of textile material, including sewing work, HF soldering work, eyelets, tightening screws, among others.

    All of the fabrics we sell have been awarded official certifications by accredited laboratories.

    In our company we think of different sectors where the use of tarpaulins is necessary, we identify them and then include everything they could need in our range of products. This means that if they ask us for a special type of tarpaulin, it is highly likely that we will have it.

    Custom tarpaulins to meet your needs

    MOÑITA manufactures:

    • Large custom tarpaulins.
    • Tarpaulins with special shapes.
    • Covers for transporting engines and aircraft wings.
    • Jet bridges for access to aircrafts.
    • Military aircraft covers
    • Large tarpaulins for internal partition in industrial warehouses.
    • Covers to protect public works machinery.
    • Asphalt paver cover.
    • Inflatable booths.
    • Booths for special uses.
    • Cinema screens.
    • Garden furniture covers.
    • Padded covers for removal vehicles.
    • Tatami gym mats.
    • Tarpaulins for concealing and insulating facades under construction.
    • Internal suspended ceilings.
    • Roofs for horse training rings.
    • Camouflage tarpaulins for the army.
    • Commercial stands.
    • Micro-perforated tarpaulins.
    • Printing on all sizes of tarpaulins.
    • Etc.

    Client satisfaction each time we deliver a commissioned piece of work is one of the reasons that pushes us to get better every day, because our clients are what we are all about. Become one of the many people who choose us day after day.

    Get in touch with our team, they will be delighted to answer any questions about your MOÑITA custom tarpaulin.