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    Manufacturers of marquees for events

    We have a wide selection of Bedouin tents and marquees for events in stock.
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    Manufacturing of marquees for events

    At MOÑITA we have a wide selection of Bedouin tents and marquees for events in stock, which meet both your needs and those of your business. Our company is recognised as one of the most important in the sector thanks to our vast business track record, beginning in 1941.

    Marquees are the ideal resource for holding corporate events, including meetings, conferences and workshops, etc. They are also very useful when it comes to organising children’s parties, baptisms, weddings and celebrations in general.

    Using marquees for events is increasingly becoming a flexible solution that leads to significant savings when organising an event without the need to rent premises. Their straightforward installation means that they can be used in outdoor areas, without having to be attached or placed adjacent to the home, because they offer comfort; they can also be installed in areas where the client wishes to add a different decorative touch, such as in rural estates where the main hall for guests is made up of a marquee and other decorative elements that complement one another well.

    Our company has a wide range of models that have proven very valuable for numerous sectors: pharmaceutical laboratories, bank fairs and exhibits, franchises, events in army barracks, corporate meetings, swimming pool assemblies, etc.

    Custom marquees for events

    When it comes to buying the marquee that you have been searching for, rest assured that at MOÑITA, we can design and manufacture special custom marquees.

    At MOÑITA we also have all the decorative elements required to create a one-of-a-kind space.

    Our marquees for events: an excellent solution

    Have you ever thought about what would happen with your event if it is being held outdoors and the weather turns for the worse? Would everything that was organised be ruined? Not necessarily; if it is sunny, the marquee will protect attendees from the heat, creating shade and in turn comfort so they can continue to enjoy the event; likewise, if it rains or is too cold, the marquee can sustain adverse weather conditions.