Fabricamos Carpas, Arquitectura Textil, Lonas y Toldos desde 1941

Fabricamos Carpas, Arquitectura Textil, Lonas y Toldos desde 1941

Impermeable tarpaulins

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At MOÑITA we make and sell impermeable PVC tarpaulins in a range of weights:

  • Double-sided coating to ensure durability.
  • Monarflex tarpaulins in reinforced polyethylene with inner polyester fibre mesh.

We also industrially produce and install impermeable tarpaulins to protect delicate materials and machinery on building sites and refurbishments using textile covers manufactured by our company.

This type of tarpaulin is also useful for waterproofing and hiding areas exposed to severe weathering.

We have a team of experts in making textile covers for sports facilities, offering the following advantages:

  • Double-layer pressostatic membranes that enable a high degree of light transmission, making it possible to hold recreational activities with natural light.
  • Expanded ceilings for greater heat and sound insulation, energy savings and low power consumption, preventing disruptive sound reverberation.
  • These membranes are easily cleaned, perhaps even self-cleaned.
  • These types of covers require little maintenance.

At MOÑITA we have all of the necessary tensioning and fastening accessories required for a proper installation of the membranes or long-lasting impermeable tarpaulin.

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