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    Marquees for sporting activities

    Marquees for sporting activities
    AL-25 arcos curvados
    Pista deportiva - Fuente El Saz
    Pista polideportiva Algarrobo 20x35
    Pista polideportiva Elorrio 25x35
    Pistas deportivas - Brunete
    Pistas padel Brunete 12x42

    Using marquees for sporting activities has gathered momentum in recent years thanks to the low cost and straightforward assembly characterising these structures. What’s more, the ease with which they are transported from one place to another makes them very popular with our clients.

    Our marquees for sporting activities

    At MOÑITA we offer TECTUM® Marquees with a height of up to seven metres and no pillars in between. These products are specially designed for sporting events and are able to cover a sports ground whilst enabling natural overhead lighting.

    Given that it is not classed as a building, this type of marquee is perfect for uses in colleges, universities, sports leagues and associations, as it creates open space and availability of facilities without the need for reclassification.

    Call us on 923 190 214 in Salamanca, and on 916 708 182 in Madrid, and consult the prices of this product. At MOÑITA we will answer all your questions.