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    Accessories for marquees

    Accessories for marquees
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    At MOÑITA, considering we are manufacturers, we have a vast selection of parts and accessories for marquees so that we can offer a comprehensive catalogue of services in Madrid, Salamanca, and across the whole country. This offers a wide range of options for personalising marquees.

    Accessories for marquees at Moñita

    Our company offers a wide range of accessories that could make a good addition to your marquee, whether it is for hire or on sale:

    • Wooden flooring.
    • Staging.
    • Carpets.
    • Decorative curtains to dress roofs and walls.
    • English-style windows for the sides of marquees.
    • Different types of doors and closures.
    • Transparent tarpaulins for roofs and side walls (transparent marquees).
    • Printed tarpaulins with lettering and graphics.
    • Heat cannons.
    • Accessories for inaugurations and cornerstone laying ceremonies, including lecterns, ribbons and scissors.

    At MOÑITA, we also subcontract other services, taking responsibility for the quality and deadlines of our suppliers, such as audiovisual, special lighting, air conditioning, staging and platforms for concerts and similar events, security and surveillance, among others.