Fabricamos Carpas, Arquitectura Textil, Lonas y Toldos desde 1941

Fabricamos Carpas, Arquitectura Textil, Lonas y Toldos desde 1941

Temporary architecture

The temporary architecture service we offer at MOÑITA entails the manufacturing, design and assembly of products for fairs, conventions, congresses, exhibitions, concerts and markets, etc., including:

  • Stands.
  • Show rooms.
  • Pre-fabricated modular constructions.
  • Special lightweight lattice structures.
  • Signposts.

We make high-quality lightweight architecture and tensile structures that are ideal for their simple installation, low costs and other benefits including:

  • Quickly manufactured and assembled.
  • Recyclable materials that are easy to disassemble.
  • Great capacity to adapt to the image that wants to be conveyed.
  • Brighten up and make the event or activity more eye-catching.
  • Refurbishment or remodelling of interior spaces.
  • Installation of permanent and temporary structures or displays.
  • Variety of options for the design and manufacturing of commercial fittings.
  • Unique touch to the fair, workshop or activity organised by your company.

Send us an email to: info@toldosmonita.com, requesting information and a quote for the temporary architecture that best suits your needs.

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