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    Tarpaulins for facades

    Tarpaulins for facades
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    If you need to cover an outer surface, at MOÑITA we offer the following types of tarpaulins for facades:

    • Micro-perforated for covering facades and scaffolding
    • Monarflex for affordable waterproof covers
    • PVC with a double-sided coating for durable covers.
    • Customised for construction and sign printing companies.
    • Bi-directionally waterproof to restrict areas in worksites.
    • Safety for worksites.
    • For special covers like tunnels etc.

    We also carry out custom industrial production for textile facades and we take care of the printing of lettering and graphics with the possibility of sale, installation, disassembly and hire services, as well as others.

    Get in touch with us. We have all the accessories needed to attach our tarpaulins to supporting elements.