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    Manufacturing truck tarpaulin

    Manufacturing truck tarpaulin
    Camión bañera Zamarbu
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    Experts in truck tarpaulin

    At MOÑITA we offer clients an end-to-end service in truck tarpaulins that entails:

    • Taking measurements.
    • Computer printing of texts on truck tarpaulin.
    • Placement of brand names, logos and any type of image.

    We also deliver the finished product and offer a post-sale service for possible repairs, enlargements or modifications. We use suitable means for this service:

    • High-frequency soldering work.
    • Installation of fittings with pneumatic systems.
    • Sewing seams with triple feed sewing machines, single or double needle, etc.

    The tarpaulins are commonly used to cover and protect freight, preventing them from falling off the truck and in turn avoiding the risk of collision with other vehicles close by.

    One of the advantages of using tarpaulins for trucks is that they can be doubled up as a marketing strategy, creating an advertising impact that will boost the positioning of a company.

    We cover all kinds of trucks and vehicles, printed or not, with a range of finishes in side curtains and rear doors to facilitate the process of loading and unloading freight.

    Types of truck tarpaulin that we make

    We have modern and precise machinery, as well as qualified staff for manufacturing:

    • Tarpaulins for TIR.
    • Tarpaulins for semi-TIR.
    • Tarpaulins for tautliner.
    • Tarpaulins for semi-tautliner.
    • Sliding tarpaulins for dumper truck.
    • Levante Tarpaulins
    • Tarpaulins for trailers.
    • Tarpaulins for banners.

    Don’t think twice; get in touch with your queries to find out about the numerous options we have for truck tarpaulins, and don’t forget that we have special tools to carry out your work with complete satisfaction guaranteed.

    We will be delighted to showcase your idea on the tarpaulin of your truck.