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    Inflatable advertising

    Inflatable advertising
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    We are MOÑITA, we manufacture any kind of inflatable advertising such as inflatable finish arches, igloos or columns, etc., onto which it is possible to carry out any kind of printing, both permanent and by using Velcro. This way, the product can be used to promote a range of events whilst mentioning sponsors.

    We have our own models or we design one that best suits the client needs. The production and finishes differ depending on the type of installation: fixed or temporary. For both of these types we offer extra-durable and easy-clean tarpaulins.

    The quality of our work is next to none. The inflatable advertising that we make is ideal for travelling events in which the resistance of the material on display is important as opposed to other products that are less expensive, but do not last as long.

    We also offer an emergency repair service in the event of any damage to the inflatable advertising.

    Call us on 916 708 182 and ask for an obligation-free quote for this service. We look forward to assisting you.