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      Empresa española
      Con más de siete décadas de trayectoria en fabricación, alquiler y venta de carpas, confección industrial y toldos.
      • Madrid
      • +34 91 670 81 82
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      • Salamanca
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      • Moñita Canarias
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    At MOÑITA, for years we have been manufacturing TECTUM® – our brand that is synonymous with quality, design and durability. We sell and fit marquees in Madrid, Salamanca and all across the country. We are experts in fitting marquees and Bedouin tents.

    We export our marquees to five continents and work with an authorised distributor in Mexico.


    Calle 5 de Febrero No. 729

    Col. Álamos

    C.P. 03400, México D.F.

    Tel. 5519-4261, 5519-1047, 55-19-0944 y 5519-6858


    What are marquees and Bedouin tents

    Marquees and Bedouin tents are accredited modular constructions made up of a collapsible aluminium structure and a tarpaulin cover made from polyester coated with PVC, generally flame retardant (standard M-2), with their own architectural plan, and wide, see-through arcades that have been regulated and which strictly comply with Standard UNE-EN-13782.

    TECTUM® marquees and Bedouin tents help create or expand spaces in a fast and cost-effective way, without the need to request permits, since they are not regarded as civil engineering works (they do not count as buildings, but instead collapsible vessels), and securing results with top aesthetic and functional quality.

    Advantages of marquees and Bedouin tents

    The advantages of marquees include:

    • The speed and simplicity of their assembly and disassembly.
    • Easy to move and store.
    • Can be adapted to meet any client needs.

    Check out the range of services we offer at MOÑITA as a manufacturer of marquees. Call us.